About Us

The Sylvia Foundation has been set up by Richard (son of Sylvia) to help people achieve goals they thought would not be possible. All the money raised will go direct to the people that need it most.

The first step is to tackle the Coast to Coast race in New Zeland, followed by the Marathon De sables in the Sahara Dessert which will be shortly followed by tackling one of the hardest races on earth, the Valencia 400 (row 160KM at sea, Cycle 180KM and then run 44KM)

The foundation will also work closely with HELP Africa. A charity set up by Richard Mcenery. The HELP Africa charity has its own shop in Spain which funds schools and orphanages in Africa.

About Sylvia

Helping others was something that came naturally to Sylvia, her determination to do so and a lot of hard work enabled her to establish the foundations of the various charities and help groups that exist in The Jalon Valley (SPAIN) today.

Sylvia had that gift of always being able to put others before herself, she would go out of her way to help those in need in whatever way she could. Always with a big smile and an even bigger heart, Sylvia loved life, her family, her animals and her friends and even when things were difficult she was a “cup half full person” Sylvia always believed that 100% of the money raised should go to the people that needed it most.

I think she would be thrilled to know that this foundation in her name intends to do just that.

Written by Gilly Adams. A good friend of the family.

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